I'm so edgy

I post stuff I like, which means retro anime, 70s shoujo manga, cute pixels, feminism, occasionally nsfw because shota and bara fo life.


Remember when some of you people were excusing the fanservice in Kill la Kill as some kind of analogy for the struggle of being a young girl dealing with the patriarchy and I’ve honestly rarely seen shit as embarrassing as those posts in all the time I’ve spent in this shit site.

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Most Taureans are hesitant about revealing too much of themselves, and heavily guard their personal secrets. They are typically conservative in nature and are not known for public exposure or indecency; Taureans keep their private lives exactly that - private.


Taurus have a strange psychic reception in the location of their belongings. You can ask them where a book is & they will tell you ‘on my desk’, the desk with a mountain of paperwork, files & disorder. ‘…where on the desk!’ ’….on the desk under the 3 folders on top the envelope on in the middle of the notes’ . They rarely seem to lose track of their belongings and remain terminally ritualistic

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“The most memorable people in your life will be the ones who loved you when you weren’t very lovable.”

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